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Astroworld Music Festival 2020 in Houston, Texas

Travis Scott has declared the third-annual Astroworld Music Festival in Houston on November 7, 2020. The multi-stage performance will be curated by Scott himself in his old neighborhood. While the full music setup is yet to be uncovered, Scott is affirmed as the festival's featuring entertainer. As expected the 3rd Annual Astroworld Festival will happen over the road from the previous home of AstroWorld, an entertainment mecca opened in downtown Houston in 1968. AstroWorld amusement park was originally founded near the Astrodome; it is where the world's first multi-purpose domed sport arena was held. Most expectators get the opportunity to see once again Megan Thee Stallion, Marilyn Manson, Rosalía, Migos, Pharrell Williams and some more.  The festival tries to bring...

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The Best 'ASTROWORLD' Travis Scott Merch, Ranked

Ranging from realistic printed tees, hoodies, tops and more, the collection is punctuated with vibrant themes, patterns, and statements, alongside references to the rapper's third studio collection. We have listed THE BEST ‘ASTROWORLD’ TRAVIS SCOTT MERCH. The collection is available at Lollapalooza Happy Face Shirt When ASTROWORLD first released, Scott offered his fans a crazy amount of new merchandise that showed up in waves over a multi-day range. This "Put on a Happy Face" design featured by an enormous smiley face Earth on the front and a roughly outlined yin yang image on the back was one of the more alluring pieces. He every now and again shook the white form in front of an audience at celebrations, and...

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The Benefits of Using Mobile Phone Case

Nothing can be more baffling than getting another cell phone and breaking the screen a couple of days down the line. Given the extreme utilization nowadays, there is consistently a danger of cell phone tumbling down and sometimes even the damaging them. This is the place cell phone case become possibly the most important factor.  A phone case can be exceptionally helpful nowadays and this is the reason makers are delivering them in high amounts. We presently have an assortment accessible too when buying cell phone cases. By the by, here are a portion of the advantages to utilize them.  Maximum Protection Mishaps are sure. It is highly unlikely you can prevent your cell phone from falling. It is practically...

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