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What is Astroworld

Astroworld is the third studio album by American rapper and record producer Travis Scott. The album was delivered on August 3, 2018, through Cactus Jack Records and Grand Hustle Records, and distributed by Epic Records. Astroworld album was named to pay tribute to a notable amusement park in Houston that opened in 1968 and shut in 2005. Scott picked a zone straightforwardly over the street from the old amusement park for the celebration, which he named after both the recreation center and his collection.

Astroworld hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200. Sitting at 17 tracks and simply under an hour of runtime, Astroworld quickly appears to be an album that was made to be grand masterpiece, depicting the heart and soul of an amusement park that was taken away from its city. Scott has since visited across North America, the UK, and included Astroworld and Wireless Festival. In 2020, Travis Scott will include Coachella on by far most of his show and performance.

History of Astroworld

Travis Scott has released his third studio album Astroworld. The collection is a star-studded event, with visitor highlights from Frank Ocean, Drake, Pharrell Williams, and Migos among numerous others. Past the noteworthy list of attendees, nonetheless, the album is a personal one for Scott, with references to his youth and individual life littered all through. The most clear of these references is the title Astroworld.

Scott, who was born Jacques Berman Webster II in 1992, frequented AstroWorld as a child. The rapper/producer pondered the event congregation, and the connection he needed to it while he was growing up with Hypebeast. Astroworld was an occasionally operated amusement park outside of Houston, Texas. The recreation center was established by the neighborhood humanitarian and previous Houston civic chairman Roy Hofheinz in 1968, yet he offered it to the Six Flags Corporation in 1975. While it was actually rebranded as "AstroWorld: A Member of the Six Flags Family," most Houston essentially supporters alluded to it as AstroWorld for the term of its reality. The recreation center shut its entryways on October 30, 2005.

Travis Scott's hotly anticipated Astroworld is at last here. The Houston local has been advocating the arrival of this album for a considerable length of time, and the proclaimed producer/rapper was viable in making this task one to recall. Astroworld immediately comes off as an album with 17 tracks. It was created to be a grand masterpiece, portraying the heart and soul of a theme park that was stolen away from its city.

All through the album, Travis pushes his lively Houston sound as far as possible. While his style of rapping becomes tedious now and again, his extraordinary creation keeps each track holding. You'll scarcely end up daydreaming while at the same time tuning in to this album, as his mark beat-switches are as new as could be.

The album opens with "Stargazing," a track sonically characterized by its blasting bass and thundering vocals. Expressively, Travis consolidates the sentiment of wonder and motivation of stargazing while affected by psychoactive medications, the insane vitality of his live shows, and the sentiment of riding the genuine thrill rides from the acclaimed park: Astroworld. The principal area of the tune speaks to the hallucinogenic stargazing.

The subsequent half highlights a convincing refrain about the importance of Astroworld to Travis: "'99, took AstroWorld, it needed to move and told the canines I'd bring it back it was a seal of confidence." He generally guaranteed his fans that he would bring AstroWorld back, and this album is the satisfaction of that guarantee. Hints of shouting exciting ride riders are a successful creative touch.

After the success, the rapper went on to market his album through Astroworld tour and concerts in several states and Europe. The main theme of the infamous ‘Wish You Were Here tour‘ was to revive the kid amusement park in Houston. The 2nd leg of the tour was completed in March 2019 and is predicted to be revived for 3rd leg.

Travis Scott Merch

In November 2018, the rapper reported Astroworld Festival to be held in Houston, Texas. To oblige the celebration, he discharged restricted Astroworld Festival included merchandise and included "Where Were You?" motto to the assortment.

In 2019, To commend official dates of Astroworld Tour Leg 2, he worked together with Dover Street Market in LA and presented DSM splash-color hoodies, shirts and beanies. This assortment beared Astroworld images and trademarks alongside DSM.

In March 2019, he acted in Madison Square Garden, Barclays focus Brooklyn and discharged exceptional themed shirts for NBA fans. He additionally remixed NBA shirt for his Home group Houston rockets by refreshing 1985 away pullover and including his Smiley Face the rocket man. Astroworld visit merchandise leg 2 finished in March and fans are as yet Dying for him to declare dates for Leg 3.

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